Home Depot
Chicago, IL

This two-story 138,975 sq. foot building in Chicago’s South Loop included a design with rooftop parking, four elevators, two escalators and covered loading dock. Other unique characteristics of this store included 10 automatic doors, four glass and aluminum storefronts and a full-glass houseplant enclosure.

This building had many challenges, including high concentrations of lead in the soil which required special Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response training for all workers and constant decontamination procedures. Astonishing amounts of raw building materials, including 1,747.1 tons of steel H-Piles were needed to support the building. More than 761 tons of structural steel were used, which is enough to build 21 typical Home Depot stores! The project called for 650 tons of steel rebar tied into the structural concrete floors and then 20,000 cubic yards of concrete, requiring approximately 2,500 truck deliveries.